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In the first Harry Potter films, if you watch carefully, in some scenes you can see me mouthing Harry and Ron’s lines, as well as my own! Because that’s just what I was like, I was… I was crazy. - Emma Watson

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Go choke on a bag of dicks you giant gaping asshole

I would like to see Moffat played by a corpse.

But corpses are too talented

they can actually keep their mouths shut

I want to quote that post I saw on my dash the other day:

"King. The word you’re looking for is king."

it’s a miracle!!

a pile of garbage is talking 

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire? What a stupid question. Of course I want to be a millionaire. I thought this show would have harder questions.

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Like 10 minutes into the show some guy ran down the street screaming ‘MY POWER’S FAILED WHO’S THE NEXT DOCTOR?’ and like 4 different people shouted back out their windows inviting him in for a cuppa and to watch the show with them.